Sweet Sausage Mix Recipe

Sweet Sausage Mix Recipe
Sweet Sausage Mix Recipe

Quick Recipe

Pork meat works well in this recipe for this we’ve used the butt end. Ask your local Butcher to add a little fat for texture to the sausage. Sausage casings are easily available from your local butcher or nearest large supermarket.

Ingredients :

5lbs of ground /coarse Pork meat.

1 Cup of Red Wine ( Optional ).

2 tbs of Mr Spiceman Sweet Sausage Mix.

Preparation : 

Combine all ingredients and gently stuff mixture into casings (simple way to stuff your sausage click here). Remember not to overfill otherwise the sausage may burst. Use a fork and make some small pricks. Fry or grill on a medium heat turning occasionally. Sweet Sausage Mix is now ready to be served.

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