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Mr.Spiceman, Inc. is excited to now offer a tremendous service via our online shop. We are proud of our Spices which are Hand Selected and have a great number of faithful users all over the country, Established since 1964, we currently service the Metropolitan, New York Area. We have a fantastic array of amazing Spices, Blends, Rubs, Marinades, bringing an elegant taste to all your dishes.

There is no doubt about our reputation our testimonials attest to that, we care about our customers and our service reflects that. We only provide the finest quality, Natural, no anti caking agents, no additive and MSG free products. Need help? Don’t see what you’re looking for! Let us create your own unique blend. We can address your needs with our online support system. Don’t hesitate come on in and start your shopping today. Enjoy.




cass“Finding the perfect blend of spices never proves an easy task in the food industry, but Mr Spiceman has managed to succeed all expectations by providing the correct balance with all natural ingredients! We wanted to provide our customers with the best quality products and how we season and flavour our foods is a great big part of that.

We placed an order with Mr Spiceman and it came promptly to London. We were so happy to receive it so soon after the order was placed and created a dish with the jerk rub straight away. We used our traditional recipe for our jerk chicken and mango fried quinoa dish using Mr Spiceman’s jerk rub instead of our usual seasoning. The results were mouthwatering!

Thank you Mr Spiceman for helping us to finally find everything we were looking and hoping for in seasonings in your products.

The next bulk order has been placed!”

-CasSheri Cuisines London


Being from Texas I must say I have tossed many steaks and pork tenderloins on the grill using various rubs on them, including brisket. The Rubs created by MrSpiceman.Inc are in a class by themselves. All natural and go perfect with any cut of meat grilled, broiled or otherwise. You won’t be disappointed at all!”

-James F.

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